Racing Sails

The Dart Sails and Covers have a great reputation as sail designers and makers. Collectively we have made sails that have won many championships and regattas.

Our Racing Achievements 2023

“Sarabande” Nic43 Ann-Marie Coyle 1st Dartmouth Classic regatta
“Sarabande” Nic43 Ann-Marie Coyle 1st SW Classic Series
“Wijit” Dom & Sam J24 1st IRC 5 Dartmouth Regatta
“Wijit” Dom & Sam J24 Best Classic Yacht in series
“Ocean Wave” Ed McMullen TS 240 1st Cruiser 3 Dartmouth Regatta
“Sunfire” Steve Andrew Sun 3200 1st Fastnest 500

“Imp” Grant McCullough Impala 1st Irish Impala open
“Stitch” Dominic Hanley Formula 28 1st Cargreen Regatta
“Elusive” Neil Trathen Laser 28 – 1st PYC Long Distance
“Elusive” Neil Trathen Laser 28 – 1st PYC Fowey Weekend
“Elusive” Neil Trathen Laser 28 – 1st PYC Salcombe

Our Racing Achievements 2014-2022

IRC Southern Area Championships in Weymouth – IRC class 1 – 1stoverall – J112e – J’ouvert – Peter Symons
IRC South West Championships in Dartmouth – 1st overall – J24 – Jiggy – Mike Mackie & Roger Nuttall
Rolex Fastnet Race – 1st Sparkman and Stephens trophy – Swan 55 Yawl – Lulotte – Ben Morris
Hunter Impala National Championships in Weymouth – 2nd Overall– Impulsive – Dominic Hanley
Plymouth Regatta – IRC overall – 1st Muskox – X362 – Neville Devonport
Plymouth Regatta – Hunter Impala Class – 1st Imelda – Robert Boalch
Plymouth Inshore Points series – Port Handicap – 1st Overall – Moonfish – Mark Hanley
Royal Dartmouth Regatta Passage race – IRC 1st overall – J24 – Jiggy – Mike Mackie & Roger Nuttall
Royal Dartmouth Regatta IRC 2nd overall – Impala 28 – Peanut – Ron Campion
Royal Dartmouth Regatta Classic Yacht 1st overall Swan 55 Yawl – Lulotte – Ben Morris
Royal Dartmouth Regatta IRC Class 2 – 1st overall Muskox – X362 – Neville Devonport
Royal Dartmouth Regatta IRC Class 4 1st overall – J24 – Jiggy – Mike Mackie & Roger Nuttall
Royal Dartmouth Regatta NHC Class 1 – 1st overall Swan 55 Yawl – Lulotte – Ben Morris
Falmouth Classics – Class E – 1st Overall – Mat Ali – Charlie Hussey
Brixham Regatta – IRC 1st Overall – Trapper 240TS – Ocean Wave – Ed McMullan
Brixham Regatta NHC 1st Overall – Gibsea 90 Plus – Rag Doll – Jon Welch
Brixham Regatta 1st Dinghy – Mirror – Thomas and Sean Semmens

Peter Symons and his team on ‘Dochas’ an Elan 295: 3rd in class at Dartmouth Regatta
John Brunner and team in his x332 “axeman”: 1st in IRC class in the Brixham/Exe race using a full Dart Sails inventory
Matt and Michelle Dodd in ‘Fearnought’: 1st in the Impala 28 National championships
Mike Mackie and crew of “Jiggy” a 2nd place race during the J24 European championships with their new Dart Sails genoa
Sam Marshall and crew of “Midnight Express”: 2nd Westerly during the J24 European championships
J97 Juno: 1st in the IRC class in the Royal Torbay yacht clubs winter series race by 3mins using their new Dart Sails and Covers mainsail
Dom Hanley: 1st Tamar River regatta using a full inventory
Steve Linley Shaw in his Sonata ‘Apiano’: Won their class in Brixham Regatta
Phil Meek in ‘Hope’: won the last race in Torquay Regatta
Caroline Aisher in Lennie: All 1st places in class in Torquay Regatta
Peter Boote and Kit Noble in their YW Diamond: won every race in their class at Dartmouth Regatta
Simon Unwin: All first places in his class at Dartmouth Regatta

There are 4 major sail cloth manufacturers that supply sail cloth worthy of consideration for new sails. They are:

• Dimension-Polyant from Germany and USA
• Contender from the Netherlands and USA
• Challenge Sailcloth from the USA
• Bainbridge from the UK and USA


When deciding on selection of suitable sailcloth a number of factors need considering including:

• Budget
Type of Sailing – the sail is expected to be used for and the owners priorities of requirements, these can be as varied as day sailing, coastal and weekend cruising, Offshore Cruising, Oceanic Cruising, short-handed sailing, club racing, inshore or offshore regatta racing or Grand Prix racing and often a combination of these.
• Performance – which is usually related to the weave style and quality
• The loads expected in the sail – these vary depending on sail type batten configuration and whether the sail is high aspect (long luff / short foot) or low aspect (shorter luff / long foot)

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